Drive in more business from a service that is guaranteed.

It’s estimated that on average, some medium sized businesses can lose up to 5,000 sales opportunities a month. Website visitors are more likely to abandon a site that has not taken any type of real time interaction with a prospect, from the beginning that they start searching what they are looking for.

When you consider how much time, effort and cost may have been invested, so prospective clients would look at the website from the start, it all appears to be  a waste.

Attraction of how your overall website is one thing, but personal live contact is another. Your website at the end of the day should be considered as a your showroom, and like a showroom needs to have some form of human interaction to stir up interest, find out what the visitors needs or problems are and then addressed with a solution that will help the visitor with their decision making.

Contact us today to find out more on how we can help your business increase its lead generation from your website today, whether you are new to live chat support or have a present service supplier, we guarantee you results.

Take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website by chatting with one of our advisors today at


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