Spammers and Trusted Domains

picture1Spammers can simply view your websites source code through using a internet browser, which means that, they can use your chat code to their advantage by copying it, and then placing it onto other websites creating bad traffic, therefore spamming anyone’s live chat sessions with irrelevant questions and clogging up your visitor’s list.



picture2We will make sure that your chat service tracking code, will be protected from anybody who wants to use it on unauthorized websites, by adding our ProChat24 Trusted Domains list.



picture4Once created, the list will be assigned to each chat session. So if someone does try to add your chat code to any website outside the trusted list, it will fail immediately.



picture5So, with our ProChat24 live service, all tracking codes cannot be used without permission, making it just one of many security features we have in place to protect your business, from being added to unauthorized sites and when it comes to communicating with your website visitors.



picture3Take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website by chatting with one of our advisors today at


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