ProChat24 helping stop spammers or other time wasters.

ProChat24 Banned Visitors List

View and edit the list of visitors who are blocked from using your ProChat24 live chat service.

picture1We can add and remove IPs and decide how long to ban a visitor for on your behalf. They could be spammers, from your competition trying to learn more about your business or just spoiling the service, a disgruntled employee, a former employee or just someone causing a general nuisance.


Dealing with confused or these abusive visitors can take much needed productive time that needs to be concentrated on genuine website visitors who are in need of real assistance.

picture4So to cut down on these types of unwanted chat sessions, we have measurements to combat such situations, through integrating a filter system that can send out a pre chat survey, validating the authenticity of a chat inquiry, thus helping stop spammers or other time wasters.

Take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website by chatting with one of our advisors today at


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