Opening up new areas in communication

ProChat24 Live Window Translations

Our live chat team can translated and communicate back with your website visitors in 40 languages.

Adjusting a language for your live ProChat24 window to the language your page is a very important step if you have website visitors that prefer to speak in their mother tongue so it makes them feel more comfortable.

Modification of the messages and notifications visible in the chat window on the visitor’s side will open up a lot of possibilities for creating the perfect communication interface.

If you run multiple language site you can assign a dedicated language to each webpage.

Here’s the list of supported languages:

Armenian  Azeri  Belarusian  Bulgarian Catalan  Simplified Chinese  Traditional Chinese  Croatian Czech  Danish  Dutch  English Estonian  Finnish  French  German Greek  Hungarian  Icelandic  Indonesian Italian  Japanese  Kazakh  Korean Latvian  Lithuanian  Norwegian (bokmål)  Norwegian (nynorsk) Polish Portuguese  Brazilian Portuguese  Romanian Russian  Serbian  Slovak  Slovene Spanish  Swedish  Thai  Turkish Ukrainian  Vietnamese

Take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website by chatting with one of our advisors today at


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