ProChat24 pop out or ProChat24 embedded chat window 


Use a chat window that opens on your page or one that opens in a different window.

So the question is…. Which chat window do I use and why?

picture2Although both can be used to contact website visitors, they do in different ways. The ProChat24 embedded chat window is almost the same as you would find when using Facebook’s chat system. It stays in one place on the screen and will follow the users when they are switching Facebook pages. So if a website visitor is chatting with one of our team members on your websites main page and decide to move to your contact us page, the ProChat24 window will automatically follow that user and the conversation can continue.

A pop out chat window system opens in a separate browser window. The website visitors can have it open by the side of your website, allowing access to both the chat window and website simultaneously. The pop out chat window will remain open, even if the visitor leaves the page. It can be closed manually only.


So what are the differences?

picture4Both chat window types have several things in common. They can be customized with a color schemes and designs of your choice. You can also create custom color schemes and customize chat window with graphics like your businesses logos, social media buttons, Facebook Like, Google +1 and a Twitter Follow button, so all your website visitors can click and access your businesses social media pages.

Rating tools are another functionality available on both options, so visitors conversion rates can be monitored in how our team is performing for your businesses website. Website visitors also receive a copy of the full chat transcript by clicking on an envelope icon we can have built onto your chat window as well.

So which ProChat24 window would be the best fit for my businesses website?

The embedded option is really a great solution for sales and retailers because of it’s ability to follow and assist your website visitors, as to the embedded chat window option, it can reassure visitors that there is a specialist on the other side, ready to help when they are shopping etc., but does come with drawback.

picture5Because of its design where it has to come out in a independent browser window, it is more susceptible to pop up blockers, meaning that if you website viewer has already this function built into their device, they will probably not be able to use your chat window to communicate with, this in turn could lose potential business coming in from your website. This is the reason why ProChat24 would strongly recommend using the embedded chat window option as to a pop out.

For help and advice or to take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website, chat with one of our advisors today at


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