ProChat24 bespoke

Picture5.pngWe pride ourselves on being the first live chat service provider to incorporate a whole host of options as already built in, helping not only grab the attention of your website visitors so they will communicate more freely, but also to look and perform the part it should be intended to be.

ProChat24 already can make sure that all information gathered is tailored to your specifications, such as having live feeds of detailed data sent to a CRM or any other format you may desire, along with how your live ProChat24 communications window can look and respond to your website audience.

Picture1.pngThemes. We have an unlimited choice for when it comes to live chat window themes, making a perfect fit within your website’s design. Using different textures designs and color variations that will make your website’s chat window stand out from the crowd.

Chat window CSS customization. Having a chat window that can be modified with CSS will improve its functions, making it more of an asset to you businesses website, therefore maximizing its potential.

Picture4.pngCustom logo within your ProChat24 window. We can brand your websites chat window by uploading your company’s logo, reassuring your website audience that they are communicating with your business.

Chat buttons. ProChat24 engineering designers can upload any custom graphic’s to help get even more chats, leading on to attracting more business coming your way.

Multi-brand customization. If your business is using multiple websites, we can customize the look for each site separately, we do whatever it takes to look after your business, when it comes to bringing genuine sales and lead opportunities.



Most live chat service providers are limited to the way a live chat window will appear on a website, some can offer similar to what we have, but will provide it as an optional extra. We feel that in this day and age of technology, all available options should be already included and never left out, as they useful tools to have.

Picture2.pngWith a whole range of customized options as standard within a ProChat24 live service package, we can make any amendments or big changes whenever you wish.

Got a promotion for your business running over a weekend and want your chat window to be part of that theme, not a problem, as our ProChat24 design and engineering team can make that happen for you.

Want to change it back after to its original design, not a problem again our team of experts will make it happen without it even affecting your service and of course with no extra cost whatsoever.


For help and advice or to take full advantage of what ProChat24 can do for your businesses website, chat with one of our advisors today at



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