3 of the BEST

We have 3 service offerings, each tailored fitted to your businesses needs for when it comes to live chat support, all covering areas such as online sales assistance, product or service information, appointment setting, technical support, and other marketing activities etc.


Your business maybe just located and operating within a specific geographical area, a national or on an international level. No matter what size it is, or how many website visitors you have daily, we have the technology, manpower and knowhow, on how to communicate with all your website visitors, whether it be in a different language or communications format.

Below you will find some bite sized information that will give you an insight as to what are the services we offer, along with their built in features. You will find that all 3 services have unlimited usage and will fit within your businesses needs when it comes to your website and your customers/prospects.

Canned responses – With canned responses, we can recall pre-made messages with short tags and send them during chats.

Pre-chat/post-chat surveys – Gives us the ability to gather valuable information at the beginning and at the end of each chat.

Agent rating – Visitors have the option to rate our ProChat24 team member that chatted with them.

Visitor details & tracking – Detailed information can be collected on your visitors such as names, e-mail’s, and location, currently viewed page and much more.

Transfers – A ProChat24 operative can transfer an ongoing chat to other team member when a chat sessions needs to be escalated.

Chat tagging – Assign case-specific tags to chats and easily locate them in our archives later.

File sharing – Share marketing materials, tutorials and other files with your website visitors over chat. Also, receive files from visitors.

Lead System – Send leads through emails and CRM software

Chat statistics – Essential information regarding your ProChat24 liked number of chats, availability and visitor satisfaction.

First response time – This report provides information on the average amount of time it takes for an operative to reply to a new chat.

Average response time – See how long it takes for our team to reply to a message in an ongoing chat. This report is a good indication of the efficiency of our customer service representatives.

Monthly Reports – Full chats report on how our operatives are doing with each chat session.

Automated greetings – Online visitors can receive automatic chat greetings that will start a chat with our ProChat24 team member.

Proactive chats – One of our operatives can make the first move and initiate a chat with a website visitor.

Mobile chat window – Your website visitors can seamlessly chat with our operatives from their mobile devices.

Eye-catcher – We can get more chats by drawing your visitors’ attention to your chat window with a colorful eye-catcher.

Efficiency data – Information on the overall effectiveness of our ProChat24 operatives, in terms of conversion and achieved sales goals.

256-bit SSL secure connection – Our connections safety is ensured by the SSL encryption protocol we have in place.

Trusted domains – Protects any ProChat24 tracking code from being added to unauthorized websites

Banned visitors list – View and edit the list of visitors who are blocked from using our chat. We can add and remove IPs and decide how long to ban a visitor for.

Credit card masking – Credit card numbers are not visible during chats and will not be stored in our archives, making us PCI DSS compliant when it comes to taking sensitive credit card information on any sales transactions.

Single Sign-On (SSO) ready – ProChat24 is ready for integration with enterprise-grade or cloud SSO solutions (based on SAML 2.0).

Chat window translations – ProChat24 window has been translated into 40 languages.

Language selection – Power of letting customers choose their preferred chat language at the beginning of each chat.

Pop-up/embedded chat window – Use a chat window that opens on your page or one that opens in a different window.

Themes – Choose one of the available chat window themes to make it fit with your website’s design.

Chat window CSS customization – Customize the look of your chat window and modify its functions using CSS.

Custom logo in chat window – You can brand your chat window by uploading your company’s logo.

Chat buttons – Upload a custom graphic to get even more chats.

Multi-brand customization – If you are using ProChat24 on multiple websites, you can customize the look for each site separately.

Inactivity timeout configuration – If an operative is not responding in a conversation, ProChat24 can automatically transfer the chat to another team member. To keep the chat flow steady, we can choose the amount of time after which the chat will be transferred.

Add on’s – We have a number of 3rd party apps available for use with ProChat24 ranging from CRMs and e-commerce platforms to help desk software.

Social media – Useful social media integrations that will help you grow and nurture your fan base.

API – You can pull and feed various data to your ProChat24 service window via API, which allows for creation of custom integrations.

Notifications – Framework for creation of custom notifications for other integrations.

Key Account Manager – You will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will be responsible for the success of your ProChat24 service. Your Key Account Manager will help set up everything, as well as keep optimizing the ProChat24 service for the best results.

Chat history – Review our chat history and search for specific conversations.

Email transcripts – Visitors can receive emails with chat transcripts if they wish to review their conversations.

Click to Call – Connecting visitors to your business via browser call

Text Chat – Cell phone text chatting, we will set you up with a dashboard where you can chat with your website visitors direct, or we can have the text diverted to one of our operatives.

Publisher – Offers Advertisement that catch the eye, encouraging your website to chat more about what you may have to offer them.

ProChat24 Exclusive offers a range of features designed for business users who are in need of live chat support with all our support services only. As a ProChat24 Executive client, you still get all the important unlimited functions your business needs. This package is designed for businesses that deal within a designated geographical area. Ideal for all types of businesses and is extremely cost effective when you consider the quality service level your business will receive.

ProChat24 USA is designed to cover companies that deal across all states within North America and Canada. It has the bonus of unlimited click & call and texting services that will allow you website visitors, the advantage of communicating with your business in a different form of exchange anywhere within North America for free. An excellent choice for those businesses that want to obtain more market share on a national level.

ProChat24 International. If your businesses website deals on a worldwide scale, this will be the ideal solution for it. As with our ProChat24 USA service, we offer the extra benefit of communicating through click & call along with texting but on an international scale. This means no matter where your website visitors are located in the world they still can either call or text you for free, through using our ProChat24 International live chat window service.


Should you require any further help or guidance please feel free to contact us through either our live chat service at www.prochat24.com  email info@prochat24.com or call +1 586 27 67 888


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