Better informed

Pre-chat & post-chat surveys ather valuable information at the beginning and at the end of each chat.

ProChat24, realize that gathering customer information is a necessity for any business in assisting with sales and marketing campaigns.

Your business can either obtain such information needed to get an insight on how you can assist your website prospects and keep them informed of special offers etc., at the beginning of a live chat session or at the end of it.

Examples of information gathered are usually email, telephone numbers, when they are looking to purchase, what are they looking for etc.

We have many ways and platforms of which we can present this to your website audience through our live chat sessions, of which are presented in a none intrusive way, and can either be set as an option or a requirement before the session starts, we leave that to the choice of yourselves.

Special offers and incentives can also help in obtaining pre chat and post chat surveys, such as discounts, prize draws etc., and been proven to work very effectively.

If you would like to learn further information on how ProChat24 can help your business in improving sales leads, online sales or appointment settings, feel free to visit us at or call one of our representatives today on 586 2767 888


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