Telling It Like It Is

ProChat24  Service & Team Member Ratings will give all your website visitors the option to rate a ProChat24 team member they have just chatted with.

At any point, your website visitor can give a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ through using buttons to rate our service. This is a great way to show if our team members are doing a fine job and give much valued information on the current condition of the service we are providing your website audience.

We see offering a dedicated report for customer satisfaction as a necessity, as it will give the true transparency of how your prospects see us as a live chat service provider, working your behalf.

Furthermore, you can filter the archived chats to find conversations that might have been rated negatively. This will allow for us to spot any common problems and offer feedback about our team members working your behalf.

When rating a ProChat24 live chat team member, your website visitors can leave short comments that give any additional information on what went right or wrong during a chat session.

For further help and assistance in optimizing the strength of your website’s true capability in generating genuine sales leads, appointments and online assisted sales, contact one of our team members on (586) 2767 888, email or visit us at


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